Storytelling, song cycles and dance ceremonies enrich and embellish the lives of Aboriginal people across Australia, conveying the special relationship between people and country. Ochre Contemporary Dance Company explores this connection to the earth’s pulse through the medium of Aboriginal contemporary dance.

Pulse is a journey through the work of four choreographers as they explore together with the pulse of the land, presenting their impressions of Country and their connection to the earth. Celebrate the less tangible aspects of Australia’s landscape and culture through contemporary dance. Pulse was commissioned by Landcorp to be presented at the opening of the Red Earth Arts Festival in Karratha, in September 2013.

“Ochre is about the importance of everyone's story, our heritage and who we are… Our intention is to share stories and bring people together” – Founding Director, Louise Howden-Smith.

Gary Lang, Jacob Lehrer, Simon Stewart, Justina Truscott-Smith

Linton Aberle
Floeur Alder
Darren Edwards
Carly Sheppard
Justina Truscott-Smith
Matthew Tupper

Creative Team:
Sound Design: Josh Hogan
Technical Director: David Mogridge

Costumes from the Debris collection, by India Flint