DNA - Simply Human

Following up from the highly successful season of Articulating Landscapes and Articulating Landscapes II, Ochre Contemporary Dance Company presents another intimate dance experience as part of the University of Western Australia's Winter Arts season. 

DNA – Simply Human presents six provocative stories that illuminate the physical and emotional qualities we all possess, the evolution of the human spirit manifested through movement and the revelations that follow. It is raw, sensual, primal, athletic and elegant. 

This explosive new program comprises a richly diverse cohort of Australian and International choreographers including Oded Ronen (Israel), Gareth Belling (QLD) Penny Mullen (QLD), Jesse Martin (NSW) Matthew Tupper (WA) and Floeur Alder (WA). Together, through stylized dance, they explore what makes us human, the commonalities that connect us to universal themes relating to place, community, touch and ritual. The works will illuminate the grace, artistry and dynamic energies of this unique company and inspire audiences to question ‘what is it to be Simply Human’?


Oded Ronen
Gareth Belling
Penny Mullen
Jesse Martin
Matthew Tupper
Floeur Alder

Jesse Martin
Katina Olsen
Kenny Johnson
Asher Bowen-Saunders
Yilin Kong
Matthew Tupper
Tyrel Dulvarie
Floeur Alder

Creative Team
Creative Director: Louise Howden-Smith OAM
Artistic Associate: Penelope Mullen
Production Manager: David Mogridge