Dreamtide is a full-length contemporary dance work, choreographed by Penelope Mullen and Indigenous choreographer Simon Stewart. The two pieces are presented side by side to highlight the commonality between people of all cultures, with both stories taken from the ocean.    An ancient land surrounded by sea.
Two people's journey through life with the sea as their guide:
A boy born with the gift that he will never drown.
A woman who yearns to communicate with the sea birds that mirror her fractured life.

Drawing inspiration from the relentless shifts and depths of the sea, Indigenous choreographer Simon Stewart and east coast choreographer Penelope Mullen have created a unique dance work entitled Dreamtide. The works dive into the multi-faceted nature of the sea and explore the beauty and the treachery of the tides that are experienced and felt by people Australia-wide, then and now.

Ochre unites Aboriginal and non-Indigenous dancers on stage to share this voluminous, churning production. You will leave with salt on your eyelashes and sand between your toes.
“This is a contemporary dance company endowed with ancient and modern stories. Unlike Ochre's first production, Diaphanous, which featured Aboriginal myths, Dreamtide is about shared experiences and fears. Its young, talented artists created a handsome and accessible production.” – The Australian, 21 October 2013

“The sophistication of the production was evident in every aspect, the staging, the dancing and in the remarkable choreography. Emotionally charged is such a cliché but it’s the only way to describe the power and impact of the performances.” - Winthrop Professor Ted Snell AM CitWA

Simon Stewart, Penelope Mullen

Linton Aberle
Floeur Alder
Kenneth Johnson
Yilin Kong
Hannah Scanlon
Justina Truscott-Smith
Matthew Tupper
William Ward

Secondment Dancers:
Tyrel Dulvarie – ACPA
Caleena Sansbury – NAISDA

Creative Team:
Dramaturg: Jacob Lehrer
Set & Costume Design: Matthew McVeigh
Costume Design & Construction: Zoe Trotman
Costume Construction Assistant & Dresser: Chani Van Swet
Lighting Design: Joe Lui
Composer/Sound Design: Josh Hogan
Video Design: Mia Holton
Technical Director: David Mogridge
Stage Manager: Rhianne Perrie