Diaphanous: seeing through and beyond


Two stories from two ancient cultures together under the stars - an Aboriginal Wongi Dreaming tale and an Ancient Greek Myth - explored through the medium of contemporary dance.

Discover how our shared stories connect us and make us strong. Journey into two tales which encourage you to see through and beyond the stories themselves and into a world that unites all Australians regardless of cultural origin.

Diaphanous: seeing through and beyond presents the traditional Wongi Seven Sisters story alongside the Greek Orion story, both arising from the astrological constellation which is visible from both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres at night.

This production highlights the stories that are common to all of us regardless of our birthplace or cultural heritage.

Ochre conducted extensive research into the Wongi Seven Sisters story and the ongoing relationship with Elders from the Wongi community helped to create an extensive brief for the choreographers.

"Ochre Contemporary Dance Company’s first public season is simply stunning... In presenting Diaphanous: seeing through and beyond, the company has given birth to ideas that have developed over its formative years. The result is stunning..." - ArtsHub review, 26 November 2012.

Story Consultants: 
Josie Wowolla Boyle, Bronwyn Goss

Jacob Lehrer, Tammi Gissell

Benjamin Chapman
Joshua Pether
Floeur Alder
Perun Bonser
Nicola Sabatino
Anne-Janette Phillips
Justina Truscott
Matthew Tupper

Creative Team:
Set & Costume Design: Matthew McVeigh
Costume Design & Construction: Emma Loughridge, Zoe Trotman
Wardrobe Support: Sinead Gecas, Sheridan Savage
Lighting Design: Joseph Mercurio
Composer/Sound Design: Josh Hogan
Story Teller: Maitland Schnaars
Technical Director: David Mogridge